Master Key Experience Week 02

This is an incredible journey to be on. There is a clear view of the life changing possibilities, provided I am willing to take that leap of faith, step out into the unknown crevices of my mysterious minds, Conscious & Subconscious. One that rules the show and you don’t even know. I always thought my Conscious mind was the ruler, after all that is where all the decisions are made, Right??? Well No!! Crazy as it seems that hidden mysterious mind makes most of the decisions with out us even knowing it. In fact it will block us from doing things that cause us pain and I am not talking about “Don’t touch the red hot stove”, kind of pain. I am talking about the pain of rejection, trying and failing at something, getting your heart shattered into a million tiny pieces because of a breakup, no one loved or bought the paintings that you gave all you had to create, That kind of pain! It will block you at every turn and you get down on yourself thinking what is wrong with me, why this, why that……

I didn’t want you to feel pain so I tricked you into avoiding painting, interviewing for that job, going on that date.
Love you!!
Your Mysterious Mind

The most MAGNIFICENT thing is we can Reprogram our Mysterious Mind, Our Subconscious Mind. It is going to take work and determination. Here is my statement, my Declaration if you will not of war but Love. I Choose ME All of ME! Me, Myself & I ALL Choose to BE Our Most Magnificent SELF. This I do by following the Teachings of Charles Haanel and Og Mandino, With my whole being! Even if it is a Little Bit at a time I am All In!!

How is this accomplished I form New Habits and BECOME Their Slave.
Og Mandino

Master Key Experience Week-01

As I begin my second round on a journey through MKE, I find that I have a peace that I did not have last year. I am excited and reflective all at the same time, funny in a way. I remember stumbling my way through, getting stuck on things, Being Sooo Trapped in my Past that I could not see forward. Hmmm what is that…a light at the end of the tunnel…..Oh no that is to scary… Well not this time. Thank God that I was able to push through last year and that now I see The Journey Ahead has a wonderful gift to give. I am looking forward to really being present, pushing through and Waking Up To A NEW Me!!

Today I Begin A New Life.


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